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Posted by Greg Knell on 19th Jul 2022

Need some hunting Christmas gift recommendations with an emphasis on tech? Check out these new products on our hunting tech gift guide 2022.Randy Newberg DTS messerworld.deThe first item on our hunting tech gift guide 2022 is the Randy Newberg DTS. If you want an amazing streamlined processing knife for your next big game hunt, this is the one to get. It has two task-specific blades, one for traditional open cavity and one for gutless, as well a… Read more

Posted by SureCall on 12th Apr 2016

SureCall’s EZ 4G™ Saves the Day Again!Dropped calls and low download speeds affecting your home business? SureCall’s cell phone signal amplification solutions like EZ 4G™ can solve your problem within minutes. Ask William and Regina Johnson who run an event management company. Their home-based business was challenged by poor cellular reception. A cell phone signal amplifier turned out to be the perfect solution.The Problem: Cell Phone… Read more

Posted by SureCall on 12th Apr 2016

Do you find that you are regularly exceeding your data limit? Learn what uses the most cellphone bandwidth to avoid having to pay more than you planned every month. With unlimited data plans becoming virtually extinct, many users will have to change their usage habits.Here are 5 activities that eat into your cell phone bandwidth:Streaming videos: You love to watch videos on your cellphone, don’t you? Unfortunately that’s what is adding to your bi… Read more

Posted by SureCall on 20th Mar 2016

Every apartment has some flaws. In New York City, like many cities, there are many features that you’ll likely consider carefully: exposed brick, stainless steel kitchens, proximity to public transit, wood floors, decent light. One thing you might not consider though: cell-phone coverage. In many urban areas, phone coverage from most carriers has greatly improved in the past few years, but there are still plenty of dead zones and that means you c… Read more