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Why Is My Data Slow? Top 5 Bandwidth Hogs

Why Is My Data Slow? Top 5 Bandwidth Hogs

Posted by SureCall on 12th Apr 2016

Do you find that you are regularly exceeding your data limit? Is your mobile data slow? How do you make cellular data go faster? Learn what uses the most cellphone bandwidth to avoid having to pay more than you planned every month and to speed up your cellular data.

Top 5 Things that Make Your Data Slow

Here are 5 activities that eat into your cell phone bandwidth:

1. Streaming videos 

You love to watch videos on your cellphone, don’t you? Unfortunately, that’s what is adding to your bills. Streaming videos consumes most of your data. If you must watch, why not wait till you have a Wi-Fi connection? 

2. Listening to music 

If you use a streaming music app while you’re on the go, don’t be surprised that you have exceeded your data plan. Experts say that you can consume around 4MB of data in about 10 minutes. Even with reduced quality, it’s not surprising how continuous usage can deplete your bandwidth. 

3. Using mobile maps 

Tapping frequently into the map app on your phone when you are in an unfamiliar area? Unfortunately, you’re paying for it with data. Every time the screen gets refreshed or you change location, you are consuming a lot of data. It might be cheaper to install a GPS navigation system in your vehicle. 

4. Playing games 

Are you a die-hard gamer? High score = high data usage! There is no way around this unless you have a Wi-Fi connection. All those fancy graphics come at the cost of your data. 

5. Sharing pictures and videos 

Are you constantly sharing pictures and videos or your thoughts on social media or via email? It’s nice to feel connected but not when it means exceeding your data limit every month. If it’s not important, wait till you are in a Wi-Fi zone. 

Running out of data is probably not your only problem. When you use too much cellphone bandwidth, even speed is affected. While data usage will have to be controlled, there is a solution to boost download speed by using a cellphone signal booster.

How to Make Your Cellular Data Faster

Cell phone bandwidth aside, there could be other reasons for low download speeds. Weak signals caused by your distance from the cell tower, the topography or interfering building materials are typical reasons. So while you may want to blame your cellphone provider, the problem is likely to be something else.

Users of SureCall’s EZ 4G™ cellphone signal booster say it has eliminated download speed issues as well as reception problems. With this proven 5-band cellular signal booster, you will enjoy uninterrupted coverage irrespective of your location. Backed by the industry’s best warranty of 3 years, it delivers clear and more reliable voice and data performance wherever you are. It is the first all-carrier 3G and 4G LTE signal booster that doesn’t require the installation of a roof-top antenna. Also, the revolutionary plug-and-play technology enables you to easily set it up, ending your coverage problems within minutes.

SureCall offers a selection of cellphone signal boosters for your home, office and vehicle. Our solutions work with all major carriers and are independently reconfigurable for each brand. In addition to the unique warranty, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction.

SureCall products are known for their performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. Wait for a Wi-Fi connection to save your cell phone bandwidth and get a signal booster to increase download speed.

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