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Cell Phone Signal Booster Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about cell phone signal boosters and how they work.

What Is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster detects and increases signals emitted by cell towers. This process allows users to broadcast the enhanced signals on their cellular-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Thanks to powerful technology, users can stay connected even in areas with weak signals.

What Is the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Rural Areas?

SureCall cell signal boosters improve the cell signal for devices in rural locations. Cell phone towers are often built too far away from rural or remote locations, and, as a result, users experience issues with cell phone reception. Our boosters fix that problem.

What Is the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Homes?

The best signal booster for your home depends on several factors, including size and location. But in general, SureCall’s cell phone signal booster combines the booster and indoor antenna into a powerful unit. This functionality makes the products easy to use and install in homes.

Will a Cell Phone Booster Work with No Signal?

No, a cell phone booster won’t work without a signal. Signal boosters work by amplifying existing cell signals. Unfortunately, a cell booster will not solve the problem if you live in an area without any cell signal.

How to Boost a Cell Phone Signal Indoors

If you need to amplify a cell signal inside your home, consider an indoor cell phone signal booster. This tool allows everyone in the house to enjoy fewer dropped calls and faster data speeds through powerful technology built into easy-to-install units.

How Do I Know Which Cell Phone Signal Booster Is Best for My Needs?

Determining which booster is best depends on a variety of circumstances. When choosing a signal booster for your home, consider the following:
  • What is the signal strength outside your home?
  • What is the size of your home?
  • How many walls do you have?
  • Who are your cell phone carriers?
  • How many users live in your home?
  • How many devices do all of you have?
  • How much money do you have budgeted for this solution?
The answers to these questions will help you narrow down the product line and choose a booster built for your needs.

How to Install a Surecall Cell Phone Signal Booster

SureCall offers easy-to-install cell phone signal amplifiers to improve connectivity. We also supply the necessary tools and parts for seamless installation and upgrading. Each product will include a step-by-step installation guide. We help you quickly get your booster up and running.

Do You Need Wi-Fi for a Cell Phone Signal Booster to Work?

No, you do not need a Wi-Fi internet connection for your signal booster to work. The booster amplifies your home’s available cell signal with or without an internet connection. Even without Wi-Fi, a booster improves cellular coverage for making phone calls and sending or receiving text messages.

How Do I Boost My Cell Phone Signal at Home?

To enhance cell phone signal at home, use a cell phone signal booster. These devices detect and amplify existing signals from cell towers, improving reception indoors. Effective in rural areas, the best booster for your home depends on its size, location, and your specific needs. Installation is simple with SureCall boosters, which require no Wi-Fi and work to improve call quality and data speeds. Choose based on external signal strength, home dimensions, and budget.