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Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home Office

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home Office

Posted by surecall on 25th Feb 2022

Work from home (WFH) has allowed some people to be creative and productive in a familiar environment.

However, challenges arising from this work setup have also presented themselves. Distractions, poor internet connectivity, and time management are just a few issues you may encounter when working from home.

For these reasons, having reliable and secure WiFi for the home office, a cell phone signal booster like Fusion4Home, and an environment conducive to working are necessary to increase productivity.

back of the knee.
  • Your chair must provide lower and middle back support.
  • Remember the 90o rule. You should be able to bend your hips, knees, and ankles at approximately 90o while sitting.
  • If your chair has armrests, ensure to lower them so they don’t come into contact with your elbow. Your arms must hang freely by your side while sitting.


When working from home, you have the opportunity to bring more personality to your workspace.

So aside from the suggestions mentioned in this article, have fun decorating your home office by adding photos that make you smile or artworks that inspire you.

These upgrades may seem simple, but you’ll be surprised how these minor tweaks can turn your dull home office into a relaxing oasis conducive to productivity.