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Posted by Greg Knell on 20th Nov 2019

Quick Summary of How To Boost Cell Phone Signal StrengthGet a Cell Phone Signal BoosterTry Using the WiFi NetworkRemove Yourself From Very Populated AreasDon’t Block The AntennaUse a FemtocellGet Closer To The Nearest Cell TowerDon’t Let Your Phone’s Battery Reach Almost DeadRemove Stuff That Interferes With ReceptionOther Things To Do When You Have No ServiceTired of your weak cell signal? Here are some things you can do on your own to get your… Read more

Posted by Greg Knell on 15th Oct 2019

Quick Summary of How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work? (10 Questions Answered)How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work?Are Cell Signal Boosters Legal?Do Cell Signal Boosters Work On My Network Carrier?What Is A Single-Carrier Amplifier?Does A Cell Signal Booster Need Internet To Work?How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work Outside?How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work While Hiking?Can My Neighbor Leech Off My Cell Signal Booster?Are Cell Signal Boosters 5G Compatib… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 13th Sep 2019

Weak cell phone signals are a frustrating experience that everyone is familiar with. Not only does a poor cellular signal cause voice calls to be spotty or to drop, it can also inhibit your ability to send text messages, use or download apps, stream media, and more. Most people tend to wave their phones in the air looking for that extra bar of signal strength, but this is often more comedy than strategy.While a cell phone signal booster is your b… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 15th Aug 2019

Tired of waving your cell phone around trying to establish a strong signal? Do your calls seem to cut in and out at the worst moments? Maybe your doctor has warned you against watching Netflix on your mobile because the unreliable internet spikes your blood pressure. All of these are symptoms of your device receiving a weak signal, which are usually caused by thick obstructions such as a garage, terrain, or even long distances between cell towers… Read more