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Posted by Dennis Findley on 6th Jan 2020

The new Force8 signal booster improves 5G network signals and connectivity inside buildings.FREMONT, CA – January 6, 2019 – Special to CES – SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal boostermanufacturer, today announced the world’s first 5G signal booster, the Force8. The Force8 will boost 5G connectivity for T-Mobile users in commercial buildings throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas across North America while also amplifying 3G… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 11th Sep 2019

Signal boosters are a wonderful solution whose advantages include one-time installation with no subscription fees, “setup and forget” functionality, and for SureCall boosters, omni-carrier compatibility of bi-directional amplification that is also backed by a comprehensive suite of 60-day returns, 3-year warranty, and lifetime US-Based tech support. Despite these apparent benefits, non-technical end-users looking for more complex signal booster d… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 11th Jun 2019

SureCall takes signal booster installation, optimization and remote management one giant leap forward with SureCall Cloud™ and Cellular Modem for enhanced securityFREMONT, CA – June 11, 2019 – SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, is introducing two à la carte solutions that further firms up its offering of the industry’s leading remote management experience for installers, administrators and end users.“T… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 5th Mar 2019

Cell reception is no longer considered a luxury to most cell phone users; it’s a modern-day necessity. While it used to be common for a workplace’s cell reception to be hit-or-miss, now employees and employers almost unilaterally insist on strong reception.Many executives and managers whose work transcends outside of the office use cell phones as their primary method of taking and making business calls. This operating style is driving the need fo… Read more