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Which Indoor Antenna is Best for My Cell Signal?

Which Indoor Antenna is Best for My Cell Signal?

Posted by Dennis Findley on 27th Oct 2017

This post will guide you through the process of selecting the best indoor antenna for cell signal booster kits for home, apartment, or office.

Generally, there are three primary indoor antennas: panel antennas, dome antennas, and whip antennas. SureCall cellular signal boosters are kitted with indoor antennas and outdoor antennas that will provide the best possible coverage for that booster, but occasionally cellular signal booster kit customization may be needed.

It is important to note that in the United States, cell phone signal boosters are sold as a kit that contains the booster, an outdoor antenna, and an indoor antenna. These kits are tested and approved by the FCC and cellular providers to ensure that the booster can be installed without interfering with cell towers.

All indoor antennas from SureCall provide wide band coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals and the Indoor Dome Antenna and Ultra Thin Dome Antenna also cover WLAN systems. SureCall indoor antennas offer a maximum gain of 10dB. A higher gain reading translates to more power and more power means a stronger signal for a larger area. As you will see below, gain will vary from antenna to antenna and also from frequency to frequency, which we often refer to as bands.

Let’s dive in and find out which option will be best for you.

Panel Antennas

Panel antennas are best suited for long spaces – think hallways or narrow rooms – and multi-story apartments, homes, and offices. A big benefit of panel antennas has to do with the simplicity of installation. These can be installed on walls and ceilings without requiring access to the inner-wall or crawl space above the ceiling. The signal is most similar to a beam-like pattern that covers around 45-degrees but can vary slightly within that range. The SureCall Panel Antenna produces 7 dB of gain on the 698-960 MHz bands and up to 10 dB of gain on the 1700-2700 MHz bands.

Dome Antennas

Dome antennas are ideally suited for single-story buildings that are more square-like in shape. Unlike a panel antenna, installing a dome antenna will require access to the crawl space or attic above the ceiling. Dome antennas install on the ceiling and transmit a glow-like signal that covers a 360-degree space around the antenna. SureCall offers two dome antenna options, the Indoor Dome Antenna produces 2 dB of gain on the 698-960 MHz bands and up to 5 dB of gain on the 1700-2700 MHz bands. The second option, the Ultra Thin Antenna produces 3.5 dB of gain on the 698-960 MHz bands and 7.5 dB of gain on the 1710-2700 MHz bands.

Whip Antennas

Whip antennas are well suited to repeat a cellular signal in small spaces – one room, two small rooms, a car, truck, or RV. These are the easiest indoor antenna to install since they are very small and attach to the booster itself. The signal pattern travels outward in all directions. This option typically only accompanies entry- to mid-level systems and the SureCall Whip Antenna can produce 2 dB of gain on the 698-960 MHz bands and 5 dB of gain on the 1700-2700 MHz bands.


Bear in mind that amplifying a cell phone signal is a combined effort between the existing cell signal strength outside of your building, the power of your booster, and the power and type of antenna you select for inside and outside of your building. SureCall has a variety of cell phone booster kits that have brought cellular clarity to thousands of homes, apartments, offices, and other buildings across North America.

To talk through your options and get your questions answered, contact us!