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Posted by Dennis Findley on 9th Oct 2019

Finding or sustaining strong cell phone signals in rural areas can be difficult. Those who choose to live life off the beaten path understand all too well the symptoms of weak cellular connectivity--dropped calls, slow data speeds, and/or less than 2 bars of signal strength. Much of this has to do with the cellular carriers who tend to only saturate heavily populated areas with cell towers, leaving rural areas stranded high and dry.So how do you… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 13th Sep 2019

Weak cell phone signals are a frustrating experience that everyone is familiar with. Not only does a poor cellular signal cause voice calls to be spotty or to drop, it can also inhibit your ability to send text messages, use or download apps, stream media, and more. Most people tend to wave their phones in the air looking for that extra bar of signal strength, but this is often more comedy than strategy.While a cell phone signal booster is your b… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 6th Sep 2019

Whether you're an adventurer who likes to stay in touch with friends while on the road, or a professional who does much of your work on-the-go, losing your cellphone's data signal in your vehicle is never a fun experience. Let's face it, maintaining a fast and reliable signal around your vehicle can often help you find that perfect photo shoot, learn about DIY camping hacks, or simply find a good place to eat.Reliable Cellular Connectivity enable… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 16th Apr 2019

MiFi hotspots are mobile devices that use 3G and 4G LTE signals to create personal WiFi service for your mobile devices—such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops. These devices are portable, battery-powered, and can deliver reliable WiFi service when you would otherwise have noneThese hotspots are a game-changer for on-the-go wireless internet coverage, allowing you to connect your devices to the Internet in any location that receives 3G or 4G LTE… Read more