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Posted by Dennis Findley on 6th Jan 2020

The new Force8 signal booster improves 5G network signals and connectivity inside buildings.FREMONT, CA – January 6, 2019 – Special to CES – SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal boostermanufacturer, today announced the world’s first 5G signal booster, the Force8. The Force8 will boost 5G connectivity for T-Mobile users in commercial buildings throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas across North America while also amplifying 3G… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 11th Jun 2019

SureCall takes signal booster installation, optimization and remote management one giant leap forward with SureCall Cloud™ and Cellular Modem for enhanced securityFREMONT, CA – June 11, 2019 – SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, is introducing two à la carte solutions that further firms up its offering of the industry’s leading remote management experience for installers, administrators and end users.“T… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 18th Apr 2019

5G coverage in buildings is a topic that has long-since been on the tongue of our founder and CEO, Hongtao Zhan. His thoughts on the subject have been shared on many publications throughout the industry and, most recently, he was a featured guest in RCR Wireless News' webinar How to Bring 5G In-Building. We had a lot of questions come through and this post is here to address some that came up multiple times but that we didn't have time to address… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 11th Jan 2019

Better 3G, 4G, and 5G LTE network service inside buildings for every US cell carrierThe in-building coverage issues associated with the 5G LTE network are predicted to affect 90% of buildings in the US. This is concerning because 80% of our device usage occurs in buildings. Understanding the vital importance of in-building coverage, we developed a booster that can deliver reliable 5G LTE service inside buildings.What is 5G LTE?5G, also called 5G… Read more