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Posted by Greg Knell on 1st May 2020

Quick Summary of Why Is My Phone Dropping Calls? (8 Signal Booster Questions Answered) Why won’t my phone make a call?Why is my phone dropping calls?Why do some cell phones have better signal reception than others?What technologies can improve my cell signal?Do cell phone signal boosters really work?Are Wi-Fi networks amplified by cell signal boosters?Do U.S. and Canadian cell phone boosters work in other countries?Should I use a directional or… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 26th Sep 2019

SureCall unveils an upgraded cell phone cradle with built-in antenna for the N-Range 2.0 model, which features the patented Extended Range Technology™️Fremont, California - September 26, 2019 - SureCall, the performance leader in cell signal booster solutions, today announced the next development in the award-winning car cell phone signal booster line: the N-Range 2.0. This model features a new and improved cell phone cradle with spring-loa… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 23rd Sep 2019

I've always had a fascination with weather as a child, but for many years it was also a fear.-Brandon SullivanStorm Chaser Brandon Sullivan has had a passion for Mother Nature his entire life. From a young age, Brandon experienced firsthand the terror that comes with having to take shelter from incoming storms. Despite that, he dedicated much of his studies to transforming that fear of the monstrous into a fascination of the majestic. Fast-forw… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 6th Sep 2019

Whether you're an adventurer who likes to stay in touch with friends while on the road, or a professional who does much of your work on-the-go, losing your cellphone's data signal in your vehicle is never a fun experience. Let's face it, maintaining a fast and reliable signal around your vehicle can often help you find that perfect photo shoot, learn about DIY camping hacks, or simply find a good place to eat.Reliable Cellular Connectivity enable… Read more