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Posted by Dennis Findley on 27th Mar 2019

Today we going to talk through all of the solutions that can improve weak cell service for small, medium and large buildings.It’s been 30 years since cellular was introduced and many of us are still struggling with poor cell reception. And, with 5Gcoming soon, predictions suggest in-building coverage could get quite a bit worse (Related Post: 5G in 2019).There are three main solutions that can help those of us who are using cell phones and othe… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 17th Jan 2019

In electronics, a gain is the increase of power or amplitude of a signal from an input to an output port. This is usually done by adding energy from a power supply to the signal. Gain is usually measured in logarithmic decibel units or dBs, making “dB gain” an expression of amplification.A gain value represents the relative level of signal enhancement a booster and/or antenna is capable of providing. A signal strength booster with… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 12th Jan 2019

Get better cell service next time you have bad cell reception with these 10 free tips.Hello?...... Hellllooo?...... Hello?!...... HELLO?!!.......You can say it as many ways as you like but, we’re sorry to say, it’s not going to have any impact on getting that call to connect with the person on the other end. So, let’s talk about some of the ways that can help you out!... next time.We say “next time” because you probably won’t be able to rea… Read more

Posted by Dennis Findley on 6th Dec 2018

Introduction to Cellular Radio TechnologiesCellphones have been a part of our lives for so many years— the very, very first cellular phone call was made all the way back in 1973. We’ve come such a long way in such a short time.Of course, it would be a couple of decades before they would achieve ubiquity in the 90s—but the fact remains that once upon a time, it would be a mark of insanity to be walking down a street seemingly talking to yourself.… Read more