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SureCall Solves NASA's In-Building Signal Issues

SureCall Solves NASA's In-Building Signal Issues

Posted by surecall on 1st Oct 2018

NASA turns to SureCall’s cell signal boosters and DAS Worldwide’s cellular solutions experts to improve weak cell signals.

The Client

NASA, an organization comprised of some of the world’s brightest minds, performs extraordinary space missions but, like us all, their operations depend on meeting foundational needs here on Earth.

Inter-team communication is vital on such massive projects with mission-critical deadlines. The weak cell service they had within their Satellite Services Capabilities Office (SSCO) and James Webb Space Telescope Facility had been creating frustration and bogging efficiency.

They sought out a solution that would improve weak cell signals throughout the combined 30,000 square-feet of office space.

The Challenge

NASA needed a permanent solution that would reconnect these cell signal black-holes with the rest of the organization. Although NASA could have assigned a team to design and deploy a solution, they trusted DAS Worldwide to choose and install the best cell signal booster for a large building.

NASA needed a cellular signal boosting solution that fit within their budget, required no downtime, could be installed quickly, and would be reliable and low-maintenance. Both buildings had strong cell signals outside of the building but the signal simply could not penetrate into the buildings.

SureCall Installer for NASA“When we were briefed on their problems and asked to bid on solutions, we knew immediately that cell phone signal boosters would be the best solution for both sites,” explains Joe Comizio, Business Development Executive at DAS Worldwide.

The Solution

After a comprehensive on-site survey, DAS Worldwide gained a deeper understanding of the problems at hand, the causes, and pin-pointed the best solution to resolve them.

SureCall cell phone signal boosters and antennas were used for their robust cell signal improving power and industry-leading reliability. Each 15,000 square-foot building could be fully served by one SureCall Force5™, one omni-directional donor antenna, and an arrangement of indoor dome antennas.

When asked why he chose the SureCall Force5, Comizio said “quite simply, it’s a bullet-proof performer.”

After three-days and no disruptions to workflow, the NASA facilities had traded their dropped calls for full bars. Now, with great call quality throughout each of these buildings, NASA’s teams spend less time searching for a cell phone signal and more time orbiting the moon, exploring new galaxies, and furthering our understanding of space.


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