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SureCall October 2019 Press Corner

SureCall October 2019 Press Corner

Posted by Dennis Findley on 24th Oct 2019

Fusion2Go Max Gains Traction in the Market

SureCall's award-winning Fusion2Go Max continues to make big waves as more reviews and accolades come pouring in. You won't want to miss Dr. Frank's appearances on National TV with the Fusion2Go Max as he walks through the benefits of having a Fusion2Go Max signal booster on the road.

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Impresses RVers

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV, is a top-performing signal booster that is kitted out for the RV and RVers are starting to notice its performance, convenience, and reliability. Check out I'm Not Lost I'm RVing's excellent review of the signal booster and how the host Thomas uses the signal booster to maximize the value of his unlimited Verizon data plan.

Cell Phone Habits on the Lisa Show

SureCall's very own Frankie jumped on the Lisa Show this month to discuss the findings of our latest 2019 Survey where we found some interesting patterns of behavior linking our cell phone habits with our overall happiness. Most interesting is their discussion around ways we can improve our cell phone habits without giving up their importance and positive impact in our lives.

Listen to the full BYU Radio podcast here.

Social Media Messaging Thought Leadership

SureCall's VP of Marketing Jon Bacon recently posted an article on Forbes about crafting the right voice for your company's brand. He explores the intricacies of well-known brands such as Wendy's and leaves some advice for companies trying to figure out their own brand.

Read the full article on Forbes here.

SureCall Innovates 5G Landscape with 5G mmWave Cell Phone Signal Booster Platform

Most exciting of all, SureCall is proud to announce the impending release of a 5G mmWave signal booster platform which is ready for customization in partnership with all NA carriers. Unlike early 5G adopters which run on the slower FR1 spectrum, SureCall's 5G Everywhere platform runs on the higher mmWave frequencies, which offers true 5G performance under fertile and vacant bands.

Learn more about what 5G has in store for you by clicking on the link below:

SureCall Releases Installation Video Guides for Vehicle Boosters

SureCall is excited to release new Installation Video Guides for the Fusion2Go 3.0 Fleet and Fusion2Go Max signal boosters. In these clips, we record and walk through a full installation of both units.

Fusion2Go 3.0 Fleet Installation

Fusion2Go Max Installation

Special Thanks to Advanced Sound and Performance (ASAP) for lending a hand with the installation. Those of you in the St. George, Utah area will want to check out their website by clicking the link above.