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Did 5G Cause COVID-19? (Shattering 3 5G Conspiracy Theories)

Did 5G Cause COVID-19? (Shattering 3 5G Conspiracy Theories)

Posted by Greg Knell on 29th Sep 2020

There’s a lot of information out there about the apparent dangers of 5G. There are some claims that are based on rational thought and represent understandable concerns. Others - like the ones we address here - are quite the opposite, having no basis in reality whatsoever and without any scientific corroboration. We certainly concede that 5G does have some mystery surrounding it. But every one of the theories discussed here is just plain false and easily dismissed with demonstrable evidence.

We'll address the following three statements:

  1. Did 5G cause the coronavirus?
  2. Does 5G cause cancer?
  3. Does 5G impede fertility?

We’ll get to these 3 conspiracy theories below. But first, let’s explain some of the foundational reasons why 5G has some people concerned.

First of all, what is 5G?

dangers of 5G 02

Here’s a quick explanation of what 5G actually is for readers who may not know.

5G is the newest and most promising advance in cellular technology. When cell phones first become an affordable consumer product, 2G networks connected our devices. Then 3G rolled out which was a big upgrade as it introduced more ability to use data, not just voice, on our phones. 4G, which we use now and have been for a number of years, is even better and provides all of us with great service and fast speeds--introducing us to video streaming, and a world of more functional and fun apps.

5G is the next network upgrade that is soon upon us. Some cities around the world have already begun implementing it. 5G represents a significant step above 4G. It provides lightning-fast data speeds and incredibly reliable connectivity. It’s expected to finally make what you would call science fiction-level technology possible.

One of the main characteristics of 5G is that it uses mmWave (millimeter wave) to transmit signals. mmWave is much faster and smaller than the microwave technology used by 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. When we say smaller we mean that its very nature results in significantly less bandwidth usage. Internet speeds with 5G are off the charts. It’s considerably more energy-efficient than its predecessors. Putting it another way, 4G is capable of supporting 100,000 devices per square kilometer. 5G can support 1,000,000.

Why do people call it one of the dangers of 5G?

It seems clear that one particular aspect of 5G is woven through most of the arguments:

A global transition to the stronger 5G signal involves the installation of many hundreds of thousands of new, smaller antennas. Stronger signal and more antennas have some people worried.

dangers of 5G 03

What’s worrisome about more antennas sending stronger signals?

The concern centers around a misunderstanding of the science of radiation (which we’ll get to momentarily). It’s long been supposed that cell phones and towers emit harmful radiation that compromises our health and safety. And it’s understandable that the announcement of new and stronger signals could push these questions back to the surface.

In fact, if you type 5G into a Google search, some of the auto-suggestions include 5G cancer, 5G dangers, and others. Now, it’s worth noting that searching 4G or 3G populate similar suggestions, proving that these concerns have been around for some time. But the perceived dangers of 5G are definitely on people's minds.

Is radiation really one of the "dangers of 5G"?

Fortunately, no. Dozens of studies have been done since the advent of the mobile phone and none of them have resulted in any conclusive evidence of a link between cancer (or any health conditions) and cellular technology. A basic understanding of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum is what lays to rest all of these concerns.

The truth about radiation and cell phones

dangers of 5G 04

For many of us, hearing the word radiation brings to mind images of nuclear bombs, waste hazards - things like that. This response is understandable considering we’ve been exposed to images like this on TV and in school over the years. But there are many forms of radiation.

The main factor that determines whether or not radiation is inherently harmful to you lies in the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The wavelengths of the former lie above the ultraviolet spectrum (gamma rays and X-rays). Wavelengths of the latter lie below the ultraviolet spectrum (mobile phones, TVs, microwave ovens).

Exposure to ionizing radiation knocks electrons out of base molecules, damaging your DNA. This can result in cancer, tumors, and other health conditions. However, exposure to non-ionizing radiation doesn’t have anywhere near the same effect. This type of radiation operates on radio waves of a much lower frequency. This is where cellular technology lives.

To clarify…

Non-ionizing radiation can still be harmful in extreme and highly unlikely scenarios. But if you’re in the vicinity of this radiation in a common, daily-life situation, you will be just fine. The same can’t be said of ionized radiation. If you come in contact with it, even in small amounts, it’s harmful.

dangers of 5G 05

Take a look at the chart near the top of this page for a visual breakdown of where familiar devices that emit radiation lie on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

To conclude this section with an example, it’s telling to learn that the radiation emitted by the tanning booth at your local spa is drastically more harmful than anything coming from your smartphone.

Alright. Now that you know some truth about the so-called "dangers of 5G", let’s discuss three 5G conspiracy theories.

1. Did 5G cause the coronavirus?

At one point, there was quite a stir about 5G when COVID-19 emerged. Articles began to surface suggesting that newly installed 5G equipment was not only hastening the spread of the virus but that it could likely be the catalyst for its formation. (Some believe that there is a historic connection between pandemics and radio waves). Some folks out there even posited that Bill Gates himself, in an attempt to decrease the Earth’s population, manufactured 5G.

dangers of 5G 06

Cutting to the chase, the 5G/COVID theory simply has no basis in reality. The scientifically verifiable fact that 5G, in its current infancy, has serious issues penetrating the walls of common buildings debunks this conspiracy in an instant. Hospitals are infamous for having horrible reception and we know that medical workers and hospital staff contract the virus with just as much regularity as common citizens. With the current state of 5G as it, the laws of physics downright prevent this insinuation from having any validity whatsoever.

You can rest assured that it’s physically impossible for a virus to travel via radio waves, and there simply is no evidence to suggest that 5G networks hasten it’s spread.

2. Does 5G cause cancer?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “possibly carcinogenic to humans”? It means we think it might cause cancer. The 5G-causes-cancer narrative has gotten a new life recently. And you may remember that when 4G LTE rolled out, people said the same thing. Obviously, the radiation aspect of cellular technology is the foundation of this perceived threat.

The WHO and the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) released a study in 2011 where they labeled the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields used by cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” They classified it as 2Bwhich basically means that they “suspect a risk” and that they’ll keep an eye on it. Should we file this under dangers of 5G?

dangers of 5G 07

Now, the WHO and the IARC do great work. But it’s important to understand what a 2B classification is. It’s one of the lowest rungs of the ladder, so to speak. Other things that have been classified as 2B carcinogens:

  • being a firefighter
  • aloe vera leaf extract
  • pickles

Yep. Pickles.

Cancer trend data doesn’t line up

For the past 15-20 years, mobile phones have been living in our pockets and pressing against the sides of our heads. It’s estimated that in 2020, 3.5 billion people have one. That’s almost 50% of Earth’s population. It would be logical to assume that if the radiation associated with cellular technology did in fact cause cancer, then cancer rates should have gone way up during that time. Fortunately for all of us, overall cancer rates have been on the decline for many years.

Also interesting is that it’s common oncological knowledge that the higher radio wave frequencies are, the more difficult it is for them to penetrate our skin. Add to that the strict federal regulations regarding radiation absorption in consumer products and you can sleep well knowing that 5G is not going to affect the state of your health at all. Positive or negative. We can cross cancer off of the dangers of 5G list.

3. Does 5G impede fertility?

Cancer isn’t the only health concern to make the dangers of 5G list. Some studies have linked male infertility to cellular technology. The radio waves aspect of this assertion has been proven false. But in an attempt to give credit where credit is due, this argument does have at least one leg to stand on. Heat.

dangers of 5G 08

Most men are aware that devices or objects of any kind that emanate a good amount of heat should not be kept around your pelvic area for an extended period of time. If you’re a man and you want to conceive, hot tubs should probably be avoided, for example. Laptops have a tendency to get hot, especially older models connected to a charger. These should also not be kept near your pelvic area for too long.

Smartphones are different. Yes, some older models can get hot. And sure, some newer models could if they are malfunctioning somehow. But a properly functioning recent model gives off almost no heat at all. It shouldn’t, at least. If it does, look into that.

Did 5G Cause COVID-19? (Exposing 3 "Dangers of 5G" Conspiracies) - Conclusion

So, is 5G safe?

Yes, it is. Virtually all of the health concerns surrounding 5G and cell phone signals are the result of incorrectly interpreted scientific research. And in some cases, they’re based on no scientific research at all.

That being said, let us be clear that there is always more research to be done. One could make the argument that evidence has yet to prove 5G is harmful. Fair enough. We know of some countries that are halting 5G rollout until more research is done about the potential risks. And we respect those decisions. The data, though, is VERY much in favor of 5G being completely safe. In fact, the data supporting this statement is overwhelming. So much so that all major networks are beyond excited to make 5G available as soon as possible.

dangers of 5G 09

If you’re still worried about 5G, keep learning. Keep researching. Find out more. Call us if you’d like and we’ll answer any questions you have. But we assure you that there are far scarier things associated with your smartphone than the 5G network on the horizon. Like that group text with your in-laws that’s gone political.