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Best Cell Signal for Storm Chaser

Best Cell Signal for Storm Chaser

Posted by Dennis Findley on 8th Nov 2018

SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 improves cell signals in the extremes and everywhere in between.

Story Summary

Customer Needs:

  • The most reliable cell service in his truck
  • Ability to power 4 in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Booster for all US cell carriers
  • Quick installation
  • Durable and reliable product


  • SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 cell phone signal booster

[caption id="attachment_882" align="alignright" width="247"]Verizon Signal Booster for Car SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0Buy Fusion2Go 3.0 on Amazon[/caption]


  • 2X better data speeds and calling than any other booster
  • Multi-device compatible to power hotspots
  • Improves signals for all US cell carriers
  • Quick and easy to install with no maintenance needed
  • Rugged and reliably built components

About the Customer

Brandon Clement has been chasing storms across the United States for 20 years and founded WXChasing to turn his passion into a full-time profession. Being at ground-zero in storms like Hurricane Michael in Florida, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, or the flash flood following the Thomas Fire in California, means he needs to be connected to reliable calling, text, and 4G LTE data in the most difficult to connect areas at the most difficult to connect times.

The Challenge

The issues that cause weak cell service differ based on the type of storm. Hurricanes hit coastlines, which have great cellular coverage, but their ferocity will rip-down towers. Tornadoes are very specific where they hit and often hit rural areas with very little 4G LTE coverage, these also uproot towers. Blizzards cover vast expanses of multiple states, which means you can find great cellular coverage but when there is a lot of snow in the air, cell service is a serious challenge.

It’s unbelievable but I know the dead spots for each network in most states. It’s amazing what you can remember when your life depends on it,” said Brandon Clement, Storm Chaser and founder of WXChasing.

Clement is running a business from the road. He needs to be able to connect calls with National Weather Services, AccuWeather, and others that rely on his on-the-ground reports while he is streaming live video and messaging his social media coordinator pictures and information.

There is a massive need for on-the-spot reporting and Clement has established WXChasing as the most reliable source of information during these extreme weather events. He is on the scene first, loading media before many of the larger networks, and this all relies on having access to reliable cell signals.

The Solution

To get the best coverage in these intense situations Clement uses one cell phone and four mobile hotspots for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. He is no stranger to cell signal boosting technology and has tried multiple signal boosters from multiple signal booster manufacturers.

Using SureCall’s original Fusion2Go for years, he has since upgraded to the Fusion2Go 3.0. He now owns two; one that he travels with and the other he keeps at home for local storm tracking around Mississippi. The Fusion2Go 3.0 signal booster provides power to each of his hotspots and connects his calls over cellular and Wi-Fi, streams hi-res video, and sends and receives photos and messages via text. Often, it is doing all of this simultaneously.

I’m live-streaming from the eye of these extreme weather situations. The tornadoes and hurricanes will often rip towers down and when this happens the Fusion2Go 3.0 is strong enough to quickly find a new tower to keep my calls connected and my hi-res video feeds streaming without a hitch,” Clement explained.

The Results

After having great results with his original Fusion2Go Clement was excited to install the new and improved Fusion2Go 3.0 for its better calling in weak signal areas and 2X faster data speeds than any other mobile booster on the market. Clement places huge demands on his signal boosters and uses them the whole year-round.

I’ve tested other cell phone boosters and SureCall’s are the best. Being able to call emergency services can sometimes mean life-or-death and I only trust SureCall in those situations," said Clement.

Fusion2Go 3.0 is known for delivering better cell service in the extremes and everywhere in-between. Beyond the added booster power for better cell signals in weak signal areas, Fusion2Go 3.0 is quick to install when Clement lands near the storm site, it uses durable and reliable construction on the component’s interior and exterior, fits in any car, truck, SUV or van, and boosts signals for every North American cell carrier.

Fusion2Go 3.0 Cell Phone Signal Booster

[caption id="attachment_882" align="alignleft" width="300"]Verizon Signal Booster for Car SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0Signal Booster for Car: SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0[/caption]

Fusion2Go 3.0 is the go-to solution for fleets, drivers, and passengers who need access to reliable voice, text, and 4G LTE data signals on all North American cellular networks. It has 2X more power than the closest competitor and uses its industry-leading performance to deliver better cell service in the extremes and everywhere in between.

Fusion2Go 3.0 uses a bi-directional amplifier system to capture, enhance and rebroadcast a stronger and more reliable cell signal inside of any vehicle. Simply plug-in the power supply, position the magnetic antenna on the roof and Fusion2Go 3.0 will keep you connected further from the tower than any other vehicle booster on the market.


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