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7 Reasons A Cell Phone Signal Booster Will Ruin Your Life For Real

7 Reasons A Cell Phone Signal Booster Will Ruin Your Life For Real

Posted by Greg Knell on 5th Dec 2019

Quick Summary of SureCall Signal Booster Kit (7 Ways It Could Ruin Your Life):

  1. You Won’t Get Any Sleep Because You’ll Lie In Bed Streaming HD Content
  2. You’ll Annoy Everyone You Know From Calling Them So Much With Crystal-Clear Quality
  3. You’ll Constantly Have Songs Stuck In Your Head Because Your Music Streams So Well
  4. Your Partner Won’t Talk To You Because Of Fast Loading Speed On Their Devices
  5. You’ll Lose Your Job From Looking At Facebook So Much Since It Doesn’t Lag
  6. Your Kids Will Misbehave Because Of Too Much Screen Time
  7. You’ll Lose Touch With Reality From Never Disconnecting
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Think of all the things that you feel have a negative impact on your life. Is a SureCall signal booster kit one of them? Let’s go out on a limb and say probably not.

Well, this may come as a shock to you, but signal boosters are the WORST. Not because they don’t work or don’t perform their intended function. No, no. It’s not that. If you look at them through that lens, they’re marvelous.

But if you consider the REAL effects of a signal booster, you’ll see that they ruin your life. No, really. Hear us out.

Here are 7 ways a that SureCall signal booster kit ruins your life.

1. You Won’t Get Any Sleep Because You’ll Lie In Bed Streaming HD Content

surecall signal booster kit 01

When you’re used to bad cell signal and then upgrade it with a signal booster, it changes everything. Say goodbye to quality sleep because you won’t be getting any with a SureCall signal booster kit.

How can these incredible devices keep you from sleeping? Well, just think about it. Data speeds that were once slow are now really fast. And we know that most of you keep your phone on the nightside right next to where you sleep.

When given the choice between going to sleep and the next episode of your favorite show, what will you pick? Don’t kid yourself. Of course, you’re going to pick up that phone and start watching.

And will you watch only one episode? Not a chance. The next thing you know, it’s 3 am and you’re halfway through an entire season.

This is what a SureCall signal booster kit does. The high-speed signal invades your bedroom and takes what’s most precious to you. Your sleep. You’ll be so tired during the day, wishing for the slow, unreliable signal you had before.

2. You’ll Annoy Everyone You Know From Calling Them So Much With Crystal-Clear Quality

surecall signal booster kit 02

How often did you think to call and reconnect with an old friend when you had poor cell signal? Probably never. Did you call your parents multiple times per week? Doubtful.

But now that you’ve purchased a SureCall signal booster kit…lets just say we hope your phone plan includes unlimited calls/texts. Because you’re going to make more calls than you ever did before.

This is what crystal-clear call quality does. It makes you actually want to talk on the phone.

You won’t be rushing people off the phone with fake excuses. Or declining incoming calls that you normally don’t want to answer. When you hear your ringtone, you’ll be filled with excitement at the chance to experience what great reception sounds like.

Your negative feelings toward talking on the phone will be replaced entirely with feelings of anticipation. Your friends and family who call will wonder what has come over you. They’ll be surprised yet pleased at your sudden enthusiasm for phone conversation.

When you get a SureCall signal booster kit, prepare yourself for this. It will happen.

3. You’ll Constantly Have Songs Stuck In Your Head Because Your Music Streams So Well

surecall signal booster kit 03

You know that annoying, repetitive experience of a song getting stuck in your head? With a signal booster, this is a regular occurrence. And it’s worse than you think.

Being able to seamlessly find and enjoy your favorite music and new releases seems innocent enough. But what happens when music streams with perfect clarity and no connection interruptions?

Your favorite bands soon become your worst nightmare as repeated listens cement them into your consciousness. They’ll start popping up when you least expect it, in the most inopportune moments.

It becomes harder and harder to push them out. But yet you can’t stop streaming. The endless libraries of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music turn you into a music aficionado. But simultaneously implant a mental broken record at the same time.

Songs you once loved will begin to exhaust you.

4. Your Partner Won’t Talk To You Because Of Fast Loading Speed On Their Devices

surecall signal booster kit 04

You know all those great conversations you regularly have with your spouse? Coming home from work and just enjoying each other's company, chatting about your day? Well, you can kiss those moments goodbye cause they ain’t happenin’ with a signal booster in the house.

Soon after you hook that thing up, your partner will become a stranger to you. If you think they have a mild technology addiction now, just you wait. It’ll get worse.


It’s because of the fast loading speeds that a SureCall signal booster kit provides. The ones you love that live with you will soon be in their own world. (Or, in other words, the digital world that great cell signal creates).

The online work they do from home will become more productive, leaving less time for you and more for work. They’ll be able to watch TV shows and movies without the hiccups of buffering and load time. Fast-loading mobile games will extend their time in the bathroom three-fold.

We’re only trying to warn you.

5. You’ll Lose Your Job From Looking At Facebook So Much Since It Doesn’t Lag

surecall signal booster kit 05

Let’s talk for a minute about what will happen if your boss gets a signal booster in the office.

You might think that this could only be a good thing, right? How could increasing cell reception in the workplace do anything but increase productivity?

You’re forgetting about the modern juggernaut of wasted time: Facebook.

Before getting the signal booster in the office, you fell out of the Facebook habit completely. Even checking it during your lunch break wasn’t worth it because of how slow it loaded.

Not now. With a SureCall device in the office, the powerful social media site will become more appealing than ever. What begins as a seemingly harmless 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there will gradually increase. Before you know it, you’ll suddenly look at your clock and find that you’ve scrolling for 3 hours.

After weeks of this, your boss will have no choice but to let you go because of your lack of productivity. This is the kind of power that these incredible signal devices have. You’ve been warned.

6. SureCall Signal Booster Kits Cause Your Kids To Misbehave Because Of Too Much Screen Time

surecall signal booster kit 06

The influence of high data speeds has just as much of an effect on our kids as it does on us. Maybe even more.

And a SureCall signal booster kit in the home only exacerbates it. The addictive glow of an iPad and the video game screen is already almost irresistible to a young person. And as you would expect, the immediate impact of the booster will take its toll.

If you have kids, ask yourself this: do you consider yourself a good parent? Perhaps most of us feel inadequate at times but overall feel like we’re doing an adequate job with our children.

Well, if you set up a signal booster in your home, you’ve just made parenting a lot more difficult. The internet is full of jokes about how we pawn off our parenting responsibilities to iPads and cell phones.

Just know that with a home cell signal booster, you turn that joke into reality. Good cell reception will allow the pull of handheld entertainment to take over your kid’s brains. They’ll bow to its every high-speed, quick-downloading whim. And the more they’re exposed, the worse their behavior becomes.

When you interrupt them while connected, the tantrums will get increasingly more severe. Given time, you’ll wonder whose badly-behaved children have overtaken your home.

You’ll long for the days of slow connections and obedient children.

7. You’ll Lose Touch With Reality From Never Disconnecting Because Of The SureCall Signal Booster Kit

surecall signal booster kit 07

And it’s not just the kids that will get lost in digital land with a SureCall signal booster kit. You are just as much at risk.

Maybe you don’t realize how different it is, living with a strong signal when you’ve been living with a slow one for so long. The transition can be so shocking that you don’t know what hit you.

The YouTube rabbit hole, for instance, becomes infinitely wider with a strong signal. Going from video to video seems like minutes when really its hours. Your concept of time becomes hazy.

The sheer magnitude of available streaming content becomes clear with fast download speeds. You’ll replace responsibilities with Candy Crush, calls to friends, Stranger Things, and Friends (for the third time).

The intoxicating blue light emanating from your phone eventually usurps the throne of your mind. It’ll be the only thing you can think of doing with your time. You’ll become a statistic. Another casualty. Lost in the never-ending world of the internet. Shuttled into digital oblivion by a boosted signal.

Oh, the places your cell phone can take you with a SureCall signal booster kit.

SureCall Signal Booster Kit (7 Ways It Will Ruin Your Life) - Conclusion

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If you’re not convinced by now that signal boosters are the devil, there’s not much else that can be done. We’ll have to assume that you’ve already purchased one and that’s it’s taken its toll on your life. For better or for worse.

All we can say at this point is invest in a SureCall signal booster kit with caution. Saying that they work well would be an understatement. DO NOT underestimate what an upgraded cell signal can do to your life.

Click here for more signal booster information…at your own risk.