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5X Max Brings 5G Cell Coverage to Signal-Challenged Building on Chicago Riverside

5X Max Brings 5G Cell Coverage to Signal-Challenged Building on Chicago Riverside

Posted by SureCall on 19th Feb 2024

CATEGORY: High-Rise Building


The high-rise Waterton building, situated in the bustling heart of downtown Chicago, grappled with persistent issues related to poor cellular signal reception. This problem posed substantial challenges for both occupants and visitors, impacting productivity and communication. Recognizing the gravity of this situation, the building management embarked on a mission to rectify this issue and sought a solution to enhance cellular connectivity. This case study explores the installation of multiple SureCall 5X Max cellular signal amplifiers and their impact on signal strength within the building.


Despite its strategic location, occupants had consistently endured weak cellular signals inside the building leading to dropped calls, sluggish 5G data speeds, and widespread frustration among tenants, employees, and customers. The building management recognized the urgency of addressing this challenge and decided to upgrade the existing cellular booster system to enhance cellular signal strength to improve the overall experience for all users.


  1. Inadequate signal strength within the building, resulting in frequent call drops and slow data speeds. 
  2. The building houses diverse clientele, which required a solution that catered to a variety of cellular carriers and devices. 
  3. The building's structural characteristics required the use of existing cabling and infrastructure.


The chosen solution entailed the deployment of multiple 5X Max cellular signal amplifier systems, a cutting-edge wireless solution featuring SureCall's proprietary Extended Range Technology™ (ERT), designed to mitigate signal loss in the outdoor cable by amplifying 5G/4G cellular signals at their strongest point outside the building. This groundbreaking innovation provides maximum performance and connectivity, expanded indoor coverage, extended tower range, and fastest data speeds when compared to the closest competitors. Learn more about the 5X Max here. 


5X Max successfully resolved the longstanding issue of poor cellular signals within the building. The system enhanced productivity for businesses and customer satisfaction for all retail and dining establishments within the complex. 

Enhanced Signal Strength: Tenants reported a noticeable increase in 5G/4G signal strength, fewer dropped calls and faster data speeds. 

Improved Productivity: Businesses within the building experienced enhanced productivity due to the reliable cellular connectivity, particularly in conference rooms and office spaces. 

Satisfied Tenants: Occupants expressed their satisfaction with the improved service, leading to increased tenant retention rates. 

Public Safety Improvements: Guests and tenants now have an increased sense of safety in the event of an emergency. 

Boosted Customer Experience: Retail outlets and restaurants within the building saw a lift in customer satisfaction as visitors now enjoyed uninterrupted connectivity.