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4 SureCall Signal Boosters "Best In Industry 2020"

4 SureCall Signal Boosters "Best In Industry 2020"

Posted by Greg Knell on 13th Nov 2020

On July 29, 2020, - one of the biggest and most-visited tech product review sites in the world - released an article titled The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for 2020. SureCall claimed nearly half the best cell signal boostersmentioned. A total of 9 devices were named across multiple categories. 4 of them were SureCall products--The most by any manufacturer:

What is it that lifts these boosters above the competition in the minds of top industry experts? Discovering this article gives us a chance to highlight these 4 incredible products, reminding us why they're considered some of the best cell signal boosters on the market today.

The product pages for all 4 devices are at the bottom of the article.

SureCall Flare 3.0

Flare 3.0 Signal Booster for Home is far from the only source that has given a glowing review of the SureCall Flare 3.0. It gets high marks on a consistent basis and there are many reasons why.

At $379.99, it's one of the most affordable signal boosters of its kind compared to its competitors. There's no getting around the fact that this is one of the major reasons for its popularity. And a great many users say that it undoubtedly performs far beyond its going rate.

There are many boosters out there that are captive devices, meaning they only support one single cellular carrier (Verizon, or AT&T, etc.). The Flare 3.0 is not a captive device. It doesn't matter which network you use. This booster is compatible with all major American networks. In fact, this is the case with all SureCall cell phone signal boosters.

Another convenient feature has to do with its antenna configuration. It uses an omnidirectional antenna inside and a directional antenna outside. This means that the inside antenna can be placed pretty much wherever you want while also giving you the freedom to tinker with the outside antenna as you try to achieve the best possible signal at your home. This level of customization is rare for home signal boosters and is a major selling point.

Installation is easy

Infographic illustrating "How SureCall Flare Booster Works", including cable, power supply, booster, and outside antenna.

The flexibility of the Flare 3.0 is matched by how easy it is to set up. In the article previously mentioned, the author points out that of all the home boosters they tried, the Flare 3.0 was the easiest to self-install. The fact that it only has 2 main components compared to 3 (which is common for in-home signal boosters) is a major reason why.

Because the inside antenna is omnidirectional, you can pretty much put it wherever is convenient. It doesn't matter what direction it faces. Then, mounting the outside antenna is simple using the included hardware. You just need to make sure that it's pointing in the direction of the appropriate cell tower. At that point, all you have to do is connect those two components by running a coax cable.

The end result speaks for itself. Stronger cell signal in your home and all the conveniences and necessities that come along with it. The referenced article even stated that the SureCall Flare 3.0 achieved a stronger signal than one of its closest competitors after testing both. ran multiple tests on the SureCall Flare 3.0 as well as other in-home boosters. They describe in detail how SureCall met or exceeded their expectations in every instance. See that information here.

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SureCall EZ-4G

This booster was designed for people who live in a place where they can't mount an outside antenna. In most scenarios, the SureCall EZ-4G can achieve close to the same level of boosted signal as other SureCall boosters that use outside antennas.

It's a great option for you if you're constantly running outside your apartment or to another room to take a call. If you work from your apartment and have difficulty with reception in the office or study, this is the best cell signal booster choice for you.

Installation is plug-and-play; takes only minutes

The inside antenna is a circular shape, similar to a home satellite dish but much smaller. It's designed to be placed up against a window, either pointing in the direction of the nearest cell tower or just where the signal is strongest inside your apartment. It comes with hardware to install it directly onto the window or to stand it up in the windowsill. (If you live in a multi-level apartment, put the inside antenna downstairs and the booster upstairs for best results). Then you connect the two components with the 50-ft coax cable included in the box.

Diagram illustrating how to install the the EZ 4G cell signal booster for homes.

The SureCall EZ-4G doesn't require any special smartphone apps or additional software at all to operate. Many boosters out there require you to download a companion app or software on your computer, but this one doesn't. And it works will all major American networks.

And again, when compared to other similar products designed for smaller spaces, the $299.99 price is extremely competitive.

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SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Cell Signal Booster for Vehicles

We say with absolute confidence that this the best cell signal booster for RVs in existence. Whether you work out of your RV or travel in it on a regular basis, adequate cell reception makes a world of difference. The ability to properly stream music and video is important to most RV-ers today. And any seasoned RV owner knows that the location listed on the website doesn't always match with what your phone's GPS tells you. Proper cell signal fixes all of these problems and adds loads of convenience.

In design, an RV booster could be considered a hybrid of in-home and vehicle signal boosters in that they offer 2 indoor antenna options and an omnidirectional outdoor antenna.

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV is small and lightweight, comes with an outdoor omnidirectional antenna (which means you likely never have to mess with again after mounting it), and an indoor antenna that can plug directly into your cigarette lighter for power (or a DC outlet).

When installing this (or any) RV cell phone signal booster, there's one important thing to remember that differs from the setup process of in-home boosters. The outdoor and indoor antennas should be placed as far apart as possible. And remember: you'll probably need a couple sockets and a power drill. Even then, it's extremely easy. For detailed installation info, see the links below.

Diagram illustrating how to install the SureCall Fusion 2 Go 3.0 RV

If having good cell reception in your RV is important to you, $499.99 will be money well spent. The feedback we've received from this product often has RV folks saying that it's invaluable and one of the best things they've ever bought for their vehicle.

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SureCall Force8

The Force8 is designed for commercial use in large buildings and office spaces. When it comes to industrial, large-scale signal boosting, the SureCall Force8 is the best there is.

It's the only 5G-compatible signal booster designed for large structures on the market today. It has a built-in Sentry remote monitoring system that allows cloud controlled adjustments to the booster anywhere and anytime via the companion app. The app has desktop and mobile versions and is available for iPhone and Android. There are no monthly fees and there's no need to be connected to wifi. It works regardless.

Also important to note is that where 5G is concerned, this booster is compatible with T-Mobile only. In time, SureCall is likely to have a version of the Force8 that is not captive to a single carrier for 5G. HOWEVER, it improves 3G and 4G LTE voice, text, and data signals for every US carrier.

There's one last thing to remember about this device. This booster is commercial-grade. Before being allowed to purchase one, you need to have a conversation with a SureCall representative using the phone number listed on our site. The quote you receive as well as the final price is based on configuration. Every large workspace requires a custom signal booster system which means we need to tailor the installation. Tailor it to your building's design, needs, and budget. A certified installer will almost certainly need to perform the install.

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Many thanks to for giving our products such high praise. The product pages for each device mentioned is below. If you have any questions about them, give us a call and we'll answer everything you want to know.

SureCall Flare 3.0

SureCall EZ-4G

SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV

SureCall Force8