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Top Mobile Phone Models for Seniors

Top Mobile Phone Models for Seniors

Posted by surecall on 26th Oct 2021

Approximately 93% of people ages 65 and older own and use a cell phone! This means that there

are plenty of mobile phone models for seniors on the market. And, if you recently shopped for a
senior-friendly phone, you probably noticed just how many different options there are. So, how
can one even choose? Well, we are here to try to make things a lot easier for you. We analyzed
popular phones on the market by using the following criteria - senior-friendly features,
price vs. quality, and no long-term contracts. And, as you can probably guess, we came up
with several mobile phones that are just perfect for seniors.

Samsung Galaxy A 11

The number one reason we love Samsung Galaxy A 11 is its long-lasting battery. Seniors already
have a lot on their plate - taking medications at specific periods of the day, doctor's visits,
attending game and book clubs, meeting with their friends and family members, etc. With all of
this, who has the time to keep charging their phone? With Samsung Galaxy A 11, you can talk
for 30 hours without stopping! Or have it on standby for more than 45 hours. This all, of
course, depends on how much you use your phone and what you use it for - we all know that
some apps use more power than others. So, if you do not want to worry about your battery dying
, this is a phone for you!

An older man watching videos on his phone.
Samsung Galaxy A 11 has a long-lasting and fast-charging battery!

iPhone SE

If you are a senior looking for a mobile phone with all the greatest and latest features, you might
want to consider iPhone SE. It possesses all the best characteristics of a regular iPhone, but it is
just a little more 'extra' and a little more senior-friendly when compared to other phones of
the same brand. Namely, it has one of the largest HD touch screens (perfect for those with bad
eyesight), a high-quality camera, 265 GB of space, a Touch ID feature, etc. Thus, if you are
seniors who live far away and don't plan to move closer to their families but still want to be in
touch with everybody, this should fulfill your needs. You can use it without your glasses, video
chat with your family, watch videos in 4k quality, and store millions of photos. You can even use
it to organize that long-distance move if you change your mind!

Jitterbug Smart3

While talking about mobile phones with all the latest features, we cannot go on without
mentioning the Jitterbug Smart3. Besides being equipped with all the best features, this mobile
phone is also equipped with the easiest to use features. Because of this, this phone is an excellent
option for seniors. Once you unlock it, you will see that everything is as simple as it can be.
The list menu is basic, the display is not overcrowded with confusing apps, the touch screen is
large, etc. However, keep in mind that Lively (the company that makes this phone) has a senior
plan on the more expensive side. On the other hand, the phone itself is relatively affordable. And,
there are always a lot of discounts for new customers!

An older man using one of the top mobile phone models for seniors.
Jitterbug Smart 3 phone is also hearing aid compatible!

Sonim XP3

For older adults who have unsteady hands, Sonim XP3 might be the best option. This phone is in
the lead when it comes to durability. Sonim XP3 is a military flip phone, and it guarantees
that it won't be damaged by dust, water, extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), or by being dropped
. This phone may not be one of those best new smartphones of 2021, but it still is
a great little device. You can use it for calls, texting, taking photos, accessing the internet, etc. Of
course, you will not have all those 'fancy' features that the rest of the newer phones have, but you
will have everything you need for daily life. Keep in mind that this phone, too (although an older,
flip phone), comes with a hefty price tag - it costs between $180 - $200.

Verizon Kyocera DuraXV Extreme

Unfortunately, one in three seniors suffers from hearing loss. For most seniors, the most
important mobile phone feature is loud speakers. Verizon Kyocera DuraXV Extreme has not
only those (loudest on the market) but also M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility! This makes this
phone the best option for seniors with hearing loss
. What is more, this phone has a highly
developed Bluetooth technology that can be easily connected to Bluetooth hearing aids or
Bluetooth medical alert devices (or even to some of those smart home devices). But, that is not
all! Verizon Kyocera DuraXV Extreme is also great for older people who are starting to
experience hearing loss but are not yet wearing their hearing aid.
Namely, it comes equipped
with 100dB+ dual speakers with noise cancellation, providing a loud and clear sound.

Two older women looking at a phone.
Do not let your hearing stop you from talking to your loved ones over the phone!

Consumer Cellular GrandPad

We cannot finish our list of top mobile phone models for seniors without mentioning a tablet.
Research shows that most seniors prefer using tablets instead of mobile phones. The reasons for
that are simple - tablets are bigger and easier to use. They are great for staying in touch with
loved ones, watching videos, reading books, playing games, etc. So, even though Consumer
Cellular GrandPdad is not technically a mobile phone
, it is on our list because it offers all those
features like calling, texting, video chatting, etc. Therefore, keep this phone/tablet in your mind
the next time you decide to buy a new smart device.