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SureCall September 2019 Press Corner

SureCall September 2019 Press Corner

Posted by Dennis Findley on 25th Sep 2019

SureCall Goes Big on Cloud at CEDIA 2019

SureCall featured the Fusion5X 2.0 paired with the Cloud at this year's CEDIA Expo. The Cloud is SureCall's remote monitoring solution that enables users, IT managers, and installers alike to maximize the value of their signal booster deployments from any location. For more information on the SureCall Cloud and its benefits, visit the link below:

You also won't want to miss Bryant Bailey, one of our top salesmen, pitch SureCall's hardware + software capabilities

Fusion2Go Max Continues to Shine

SureCall's recently released Fusion2Go Max performance signal booster for vehicles continues to make waves in the industry as folks catch on to the extreme speeds and independence from cell towers that the Fusion2Go Max's patented ERT architecture offers.

Fusion2Go Max Cell Signal Booster for Vehicles

Lauren Steele from Popular Mechanics describes the Fusion2Go Max by stating, "Put simply, it’s the difference between having no bars and having usable bars when you’re in the middle of nowhere." Learn about her experience taking the Fusion2Go Max on a road trip.

SureCall Weighs in on the Problem of Unlicensed Signal Boosters

Equally exciting this month was VP of Marketing Jon Bacon and VP of Business Development Laine Matthews at SureCall leveraging their decades of experience in the signal booster industry to illuminate the issue of uncertified signal boosters. Louise Matsakis from Wired details the significance of the problem here, where she covers everything from Amazon's reluctance to enforce FCC signal booster regulations to how these bootleg boosters are flooding the market and causing disruptions to cell tower networks.

Fusion5X 2.0 with SureCall Cloud Wins WFX Award

Worship Facilities recently awarded SureCall's Fusion5X 2.0 signal booster for medium/large homes and buildings the New Product Award for 2019. As part of the award, they cite the booster's ability to extend coverage inside churches whose thick walls often do a great job of impeding cell signals. Read more about their accolades by clicking on the embed below:

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Offers Better Value for the Price in Comparison

David from Fate Unbound performed a comparison between SureCall's Fusion2Go 3.0 RV booster and a competitor's RV equivalent. While performance was similar for both models, SureCall's booster offers much affordable pricing for similar results.

David boils it down towards the end of the video by stating how you'd be choosing between spending an extra $150 for the competitor's mount versus saving that $150 and pocketing it. He also highlights how the competitor's booster is located on the outside of the RV, increasing the risk and incentive for burglary.